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Our Goals & Objectives

To prepare a generation that is an expert in their field of choice and also true practicing Muslims, who can contribute towards the betterment of the society.

To provide Islamic education, research and publications through established institutions, which should be the platform for the Ummah to unite and utilize its resources to achieve the ultimate goal “The establishment of the Deen of Allah”.

These objectives are the founding principles of Darul Qur'an.


Chicago IL, USA



Darul Qur'an is a non-profit institution based out of Chicago, IL, United States. It was established in 1997 teaching Qur'an out of a small basement, and since then it has been providing various educational services in Islamic studies to growing number of Muslim youth and adults living in the Chicago land area.

Our main focus is youth, Tarbiyah, Da’wah and Qur'anic studies.


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