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Darul Qur'an would not be where we are today without the tireless efforts of our many volunteers across Chicago and worldwide. Not only is volunteering vital to our success, but it can also be incredibly rewarding.

Anyone can volunteer for Darul Qur'an. You might have specific skills you want to use for a good cause, or you may find you have some time you can dedicate towards helping.


Sheikh Feysal, founder and teacher at Darul Qur'an. Sheikh Feysal felt a need for establishing an after school program and, a full length weekend school program to assist families that are willing to ensure the brighter future of their children by understanding their deen. Since 2010 he has been running this program with about 180 students in a 1,000 square feet storefront facility that has only 1 restroom shared by both young brothers and sisters. In the recent years he has experienced a tremendous change after moving the madrasa to Masjid Darul Qur'an. He is truly greatful for all of your support and dedication toward this great accomplishment. 


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